Cash is King

One of my instructors at UCLA Extension taught us that “Cash is King”. And he simply put it as his axiom for life. The way he interprets it has nothing to do with the securities market but a way of thinking and an ability to change yourself.

He gave me a strong impression when he talks about the American Civil War from the point of “Cash is King”. Back then, cotton is the King and it surpassed tobacco as the dominance cash crop of the county. According to Wikipedia, cotton accounted for almost 60% of American exports, representing a total value of nearly $200 million a year in 1860. And American South has the heat and prolonged sunlight at summer and it is the best place to grow cotton. In his point of view, the cotton, which is cash in here, are one of the leading factors in the bloodiest war in U.S. history.

What’s more, he said this at class,

if you want to make more, you have to sell more! So, stay close to the sale!

I am going to say this is really straightforward to know the real truth in business outside of the school. Money can bring the motivation to us to work hard and enjoy life. But it also can lead to the destruction if not balanced well.




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  1. Kainan says:

    I guess I know who you are talking about, was that Marc Villareal? He is amazing, isn’t he? He taught a lot of interesting things for me as well, things that will add on my professional career. Waiting to see what you are going to talk about him.
    Btw, you blog looks really nice. Have a good one =)

    1. Yijing Feng says:

      Well.. Yeah! That was him 🙂 I agreed every word you said about him, he is a good instructor indeed. Thank you for your visiting, hope you see you again on my blog page.

  2. Alex says:

    Cash is king! It is always been from valuation perspective. Content is a new king. But good use of site to take notes. I plan to take Brand Management class next quarter.

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