Continued Crisis at Chipotle

We’ve talked about some problems that Chipotle is facing at my previous blog, but it seems like the crisis of Chipotle is not over yet.

‘Wage theft’ lawsuit

Remembered the young man that refused to cheat workers out of pay on my previous article? Well, he is not the only one. According to CNN News that nearly 10,000 current and former employees who comes from different states have filed a class action lawsuit against Chipotle for cheating them work without overtime pay.

They are real people who live next to you and me, and their stories can be found in here: Additional reading: Why am I suing Chipotle for ‘wage theft’.

Not only this one, Chipotle is also being sued for consumers as well.

Lawsuit about misleading consumers to purchase chorizo burrito

Some consumers are using that Chipotle has misleading calorie counts in the menu of chorizo. According to GrubStreet, Chipotle’s own calorie calculator, the chorizo burrito as it’s pictured on menus (with white rice, black beans, and tomato salsa) should contain 955 calories. But it only showed up in 300 Calories on the menu.

Chorizo was added to nation-wide menus on October 2016 but Chipotle has spent 2 years on testing this in 5 states as a protein option for consumers. Clearly, consumers are not happy to see themselves are being tricked by the wrong information.

I learned from my branding class that brand is a promise. Brand comprised of both tangible and intangible values that form a relationship with the customer. So it’s not easy to win back your consumers when the image is broken. Since the promise is broken and same with trust. Instead of hiding away from the troubles, as a former customer, I really want to see them making food and running the business with integrity.


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