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My name is Yijing Feng, please call me Yijing or Yvonne 🙂

I am from China, born and raised in Hubei Wuhan. My city has snow in the winter, and wintersweet will bloom in the season.

This is city flower of Wuhan
This is the city flower of City of Wuhan


Fun Fact!

Do you know the famous one-child policy? Well, I am the child who is born under it. But I really want to have siblings while I was growing up.

I  finished my undergraduate study in UCI with major of Business Economics. Zot Zot Zot! And I worked at the office in my previous jobs after graduation. I was dealing with numbers, charts, and reports back then. I like my previous job, but I found myself need more challenge on a daily basis. And then I found myself caught up in marketing so much at my last job. I want to know the rules and the logic behind of it. That’s why I am attending UCLA Extension this quarter and study in Marketing Certificate with concentration in Social Media and Web Analytics.

In this blog, I want to share some valuable marketing knowledge I’ve learned at class and trending marketing news with business insights.


I love music, I will be sharing some music and inspirational quotes I loved as well.



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  1. Ellie says:

    Hi Yvonne! It is a very nice intro post! I actually like the idea of doing a short intro. I wish I thought about this starting my blog. It is a pleasure meeting you online, and I can’t wait to see some of your music pieces, and yeah inspirational quotes are great as well. I like them!

    P.S. I took this amazing class with Marc as well, so yes “Cash is king!”, lesson for life and the most memorable quote from UCLA professors.))

    1. admin says:

      Hello, Ellie! Thanks for your visit and appreciation!
      And yes, Marc is a really good teacher and I am learning as a student at his class. Are you taking his class this quarter?
      It was nice meeting you here! 🙂

      1. Ellie says:

        No, I took it during spring quarter. But yeah it was amazing!

  2. YING LI says:

    Hi, Yijing.
    I know how busy we were these days! But finally, nice to see you here! Yay~~~~
    Your blog looks nice. I like these two photo you posted here. For me, that’s the other side of you, quiet you. When I see you in person, you are always enthusiastic and passionate. Especially when you do the presentations, you impressed me!
    Like you, like the way you are.

    1. Yijing Feng says:

      Hey! Nice to see you here! Thank you for the visit. I must say it was heartwarming to saw your comments up there.
      Welcome to my blog, hope to see you again in here 🙂

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